Business News Quiz – 05.01.12

As students are now revising for their January exams, they should also be aware of the current business environment – especially for A2 students. The Eurozone crisis is continuing with fears again for Greece, and sales have been extremely varied amongst industries over the Christmas period. What will 2012 bring?

Here is today’s ‘Business News Quiz’. Download the Word version (with answers) to print off and use with your classes here!

  1. UK album sales fell by 13% to 86.2 million discs in 2011 but digital downloads rose but not by enough to prevent an overall decline in album sales, what is said to be the reason for this decline?
    Credit Crunch ( )
    Piracy and the government for taking too long to tackle the problem ( )
    VAT increase ( )
    Unemployment increasing and lack of jobs ( )
  • Which business has seen an “outstanding” rise in sales at its department stores during the Christmas period?
    House of Fraser ( )
    Debenhams ( )
    John Lewis ( )
    Selfridges ( )
  • US web portal Yahoo has named Scott Thompson as its new head – from which firm has he come from?
    Google ( )
    Ebay( )
    Paypal ( )
    Amazon ( )
  • Shares in Eastman Kodak have fallen how much; on speculation the photography firm was preparing to file for bankruptcy protection in the US?
    28% ( )
    32%( )
    42%( )
    38%( )
  • Microsoft has celebrated the imminent demise of what product by baking a cake?
    Its shares ( )
    Bing ( )
    It’s Windows phone ( )
    Version 6 of internet explorer ( )
  • The government has made no savings by raising the public sector pension age to what age; a pension’s consultant has said?
    66 ( )
    67 ( )
    68 ( )
    69 ( )
  • A Canadian man who forgot his passport has said that he managed to cross the border into the US using what?
    His birth certificate ( )
    His VISA card ( )
    An image of his passport scanned onto his iPad ( )
    A Skype conversation where his family showed his passport ( )
  • Nissan Sunderland breaks a UK manufacturing record, by producing how many cars in 2011?
    480,485 ( )
    2, 481,485 ( )
    1, 480,485 ( )
    490,485 ( )
  • Which country is it thought, will default on its debts in March, unless unions agree to further cuts in salaries?
    Ireland ( )
    Portugal ( )
    Greece ( )
    Italy ( )
  • What was the most pirated game of 2011, being downloaded 3.2 million times illegally since its release last March?
    Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 ( )
    Battlefield 3 ( )
    FIFA 12 ( )
    Crysis 2 ( )
Donna Jestin
Teacher of Business Studies Notre Dame College & Senior Examiner for AQA

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