Business News Quiz – 01.12.11

An interesting week in the business news, with the UK strike on November 30th, the biggest action since the 1970’s, we will have to wait to see if this has had any affect. Also, a new internet search engine has been launched to rival Google & Yahoo, American Airlines shares fell by 81% and are now worth just 25cents and has China finally been affected by the global downturn?

Below is this weeks Business News Quiz. Click herefor a printable version along with the answers and web links so that you can discuss some of the news stories with your classes.

  1. It opened to the public on November 28th 2011, so what is YaCy?
    A new designer store in London ( )
    A new e-reader tablet ( )
    A new internet search engine ( )

    A new brand of sportswear from the USA ( )


  • The USA national debt has just risen above what figure this week?
    $10 trillion ( )
    $15 trillion ( )
    $25 trillion ( )
    $20trillion ( ) 
  • Hilton, the international hotel chain, is to open more than 20 new hotels in the UK, creating how many jobs?
    1500 ( )  
    2000 ( )
    2500 ( )
    3000 ( ) 
  • Which two car manufacturers are to work together on environmental-friendly motoring technology?
    BMW & Toyota ( )
    BMW & Ford ( )
    Toyota & Ford ( )
    Ford & Peugeot ( ) 
  • Samsung has won a major battle in its ongoing tussle with Apple, after an Australia court overturned a ban on the sale of its what in the country?
    Samsung Tocco Icon ( )
    Galaxy Tablet ( )
    Galaxy S 11 ( )
    Its new 16.1 mega pixel camera ( ) 
  • Australian Brewer Foster’s has been taken over by SAB Millar worth how much in Australian Dollars?
    $9.9bn ( )
    $10.5bn ( )
    $11.9bn ( )
    $8.9bn ( ) 
  • The independent Institute for Fiscal Studies (IFS) says George Osborne’s economic plans will mean a sharp drop in household income, by how much has it been predicted they fall?
    7.3% ( )
    3.3% ( )
    7.4% ( )
    10.4%( ) 
  • Which Young Apprentice candidate was fired this week after a buying task?
    Ben Fowler ( )
    Lewis Roman ( )
    Hayley Forrester ( )
    Gbemi Okunlola( )
  • China’s manufacturing activity fell to a low in November, hurt by a slowdown in the global economy; this was the lowest output in how long?
    12 months ( )
    32 months ( )
    24 months( )
    18 months( ) 
  • American Airlines’ parent company AMR Corporation has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection are what happened to its share this week?
    Fell by 81% ( )
    Fell by 51% ( )
    Fell by 25% ( )
    Fell by 31%( ) 


Donna Jestin
Teacher of Business Studies Notre Dame College & Senior Examiner for AQA

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