Business News Quiz – 20.09.12

Test your students knowledge of what is happening in the business world with this week’s news quiz.

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1. Which twins, famed for their legal dispute with Facebook, are reported to have invested $1m (£620,000) in a new social network?

Mahadevia ( )
Winklevoss ( )
Narendra ( )
Zuckerberg ( )

2. Which football club has reported a 3.3% fall in revenue to £320.3m for the year to 30 June, after its early elimination from the Champions League last season?

Manchester United ( )
Chelsea ( )
Everton ( )
Liverpool ( )

3. The owners of which Racecourse have sold part of the land to property developers who intend to build 1,500 homes over the next 10 years?

Chester ( )
Epsom ( )
Newbury ( )
York ( )

4. The pace of price rises slowed in August compared with the previous month, official figures have shown, UK inflation now stands at what figure?

1.5% ( )
2% ( )
2.5% ( )
3% ( )

5. Apple shares closed at a record high of almost $700 on Monday as the firm received how many pre-orders for its newly unveiled iPhone 5?

4 million ( )
2 million ( )
3 million ( )
5 million ( )

6. Which money lender has announced a sharp jump in profits, thanks to strong demand for credit during the downturn. Net profit more than trebled to £45.8m in 2011, from £12.4m in 2010?

Wonga ( )
Payday UK ( )
QuickQuid ( )
Uncle Buck ( )

7. Which major European airline says it will merge many of its European and domestic routes under a new low cost brand as it seeks to boost profits?

KLM ( )
British Airways ( )
Lufthansa ( )
Swiss Air( )

8. The world’s largest clothing retailer, Inditex, which owns which high street chain, has posted a jump in first-half profit after opening new stores and gaining new customers?

Republic ( )
Zara ( )
Mango ( )
Bank ( )

9. Which Japanese airlines shares rose modestly on its re-listing on the Tokyo Stock Exchange, more than two years after it filed for bankruptcy in one of Japan’s biggest corporate failures?

Japan Airlines ( )
Skymark Airlines ( )
All Nippon Airways ( )
Tianjin Airlines ( )

10. The government has announced how it will share the money promised to 10 UK cities to allow them to create superfast broadband networks. Which city is not on the list to get this?

Leeds ( )
London ( )
Newcastle ( )
Chester ( )

Donna Jestin,
Teacher of business studies and senior examiner for AQA

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