Business News Quiz – 08.03.12

Here is this week’s Business News Quiz! You can print off a Word version (with answers and weblinks) and use it with your classes.

You can download the Word file here.

  1. Which sportswear firm has unveiled its best-ever annual profits with a rise of 18% in net profit, as hopes rise that this year’s Olympics will help it break more records?
    Reebok ( )
    Sweaty Betty ( )
    Nike ( )
    Adidas ( )
  2. The average price of unleaded petrol has hit a record high, according to government figures, how much is the average for  a litre of petrol?
    147.3 pence ( )
    137.3 pence ( )
    127.3 pence ( )
    117.3 pence ( )
  3. Sony says a number of which artist’s tracks have been stolen after its website was hacked?
    Amy Winehouse ( )
    Michael Jackson ( )
    Rihanna ( )
    Madonna ( )
  4. Tokyo prosecutors have charged which camera-maker and three of its former executives in connection with a $1.7bn (£1bn) accounting cover-up?
    Nikon ( )
    Cannon ( )
    Olympus ( )
    Kodak ( )
  5. Which US investment bank that collapsed in 2008, has exited from bankruptcy protection?
    Fannie Mae ( )
    Lehman Brothers ( )
    Bear Sterns ( )
    Merrill Lynch ( )
  6. Which supermarket says the emergence of what it calls “professional shoppers” has helped it to lift full year profits?
    Waitrose ( )
    Morrisons ( )
    ASDA ( )
    Sainsburys ( )
  7. Which car firm has recalled 681,500 vehicles in the US dealing a blow to its efforts to rebuild its image after a number of safety issues in recent years?
    Vauxhall ( )
    Toyota ( )
    Ford ( )
    BMW ( )
  8. Which department store has reported a fall in annual profits and cut its staff bonus for the first time in three years?
    Debenhams ( )
    House of Fraser ( )
    John Lewis ( )
    Selfridges ( )
  9. An Aberdeenshire student has said she was shocked to find her image on children’s clothing being sold by who, after she hadn’t given permission?
    Topshop ( )
    Primark ( )
    Tesco ( )
    H&M ( )
  10. A Mexican tycoon has once again come top of Forbes magazine’s annual list of the world’s richest billionaires, who is he?
    Bernard Arnault ( )
    Li Ka-Shing ( )
    Larry Ellison ( )
    Carlos Slim ( )
Donna Jestin
Teacher of Business Studies Notre Dame College & Senior Examiner for AQA

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