Business News Quiz – 09.02.12

Here is this week’s Business News Quiz! To use this resource with your own A Level classes, print off the Word version (which includes answers and weblinks).

Download the Word file here.

  1. Mining firm Xstrata has formally announced plans to merge with Glencore, the world’s biggest commodity trader, how much is the deal worth?
    $90bn ( )
    $100bn ( )
    $80m ( )
    $70m ( )
  • Which TV & broadband company reports £48m profit in fourth quarter of 2011?
    Talk Talk ( )
    Virgin media ( )
    BT ( )
    Sky ( )
  • Which low cost airline has reported a net profit of 14.9m euros ($19.6m; £12.5m) in the last three months of 2011, thanks to higher fares and better weather than the same period a year earlier?
    Flybe ( )
    Jet 2 ( )
    Easyjet ( )
    Ryanair ( )
  • Who with revenues of 480m euros (£401m) topped the Deloitte league table of the world’s richest football clubs for the seventh straight year?
    Real Madrid ( )
    Manchester United ( )
    Bayern Munich ( )
    Arsenal ( )
  • Why has aircraft maker Airbus has been ordered to check the wings of all A380 superjumbo planes currently in service?
    Cracks in them ( )
    Wrong metal used ( )
    Adhere to H&S measures ( )
    Holes in them ( )
  • Diageo has reported a rise in half-year profits as demand for its global brands continues to grow in emerging markets, in what industry do they operate?
    Tobacco ( )
    Drinks ( )
    Commodities ( )
    Mobile phones ( )
  • The chief executive of Lovefilm is to become head of childcare at which major retailer?
    House of Fraser ( )
    Mama’s & Papa’s ( ) ( )
    Mothercare ( )
  • Daily voucher company Groupon has reported an unexpected loss of how much?
    $17.7m ( )
    $22.7m ( )
    $42.7m ( )
    $32.7m ( )
  • A pay freeze for MPs, voted through in the Commons last year, will be extended until when?
    2015/16 ( )
    2014/15 ( )
    2013/14 (  )
    2012/13 ( )
  • The company behind the Superdry fashion chain has seen its shares fall by how much after it scaled back its profit forecast for the year?
    15% ( )
    12% ( )
    10% ( )
    17% ( )
Donna Jestin
Teacher of Business Studies Notre Dame College & Senior Examiner for AQA

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