Business News Quiz – 26.1.12

As the first half of the year comes to an end with the January exams we now start looking towards June and the final exams of the year! For any A2 student a good understanding of the external business environment is vital, and researching the news each week is a great starting point! This week we have seen UK economic activity shrinking to 0.2%, does this mean a double dip recession will be happening? Also a week after Tesco’s market share has declined, we se the growth of Android  getting closer to the dominance of Apple in the computer tablet market!

Download the Word version (with answers and weblinks) to print off and use with your classes here!

  1. How many iPhone’s did Apple sell in the last quarter of 2011, this was twice the amount of the same period in 2010?
    45 million ( )
    37 million ( )
    35 million ( )
    47 million ( )
  2. Which fast-food chain said it would create 2 500 jobs in the UK in 2012?
    McDonalds ( )
    KFC ( )
    Burger King ( )
    Pizza Hut ( )
  3. In 1979 some 13.5 million workers in the UK were members of a union; today that figure is what?
    9.5 million ( )
    10.5 million ( )
    6.5 million ( )
    7.5 million ( )
  4. Which mobile company has apologised for a technical problem which caused users’ phone numbers to be disclosed when using its mobile data?
    T Mobile ( )
    02 ( )
    Vodafone ( )
    Orange ( )
  5. UK economic activity shrank by how much in the last three months of last year according to official figures?
    0.4% ( )
    0.8% ( )
    0.5% ( )
    0.2% ( )
  6. Which company that went into administration has said that items bought within the last 28 days in a UK Peacocks store could be exchanged with a valid receipt? However, refunds could not be offered or vouchers accepted!
    Black’s leisure ( )
    Jane Norman ( )
    Peacock’s ( )
    HMV ( )
  7. Which business’ share of the tablet computer market has risen to 39%, from 29% the year earlier?
    Apple ( )
    Blackberry ( )
    Android ( )
    Microsoft ( )
  8. Which low-cost airline saw revenues rise 16.7% in the last three months of 2011 as passenger numbers rose 8.1%.?
    Jet 2 ( )
    Ryanair ( )
    Monarch ( )
    Easyjet ( )
  9. Government debt has risen to a record figure of what from £883bn a year ago?
    £1 trillion ( )
    £1.5 trillion ( )
    £2 trillion ( )
    £2.5 trillion ( )
  10. Which sandwich chain will open 600 new branches in the UK and Irish Republic and create 6,000 jobs over the next three years, and has also said it would display calorie information on all its menu boards?
    Earl of Sandwich ( )
    EAT ( )
    Subway ( )
    Pret-a-manger ( )
Donna Jestin
Teacher of Business Studies Notre Dame College & Senior Examiner for AQA

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