Business News Quiz – 23.02.12

Here is this week’s Business News Quiz! You can print off a Word version (with answers and weblinks) and use it with your classes.

You can download the Word file here.

  1. Which bank has been fined £1.5m for being too slow to explain to customers whether investments were covered by a financial safety net?
    Santander ( )
    HSBC ( )
    HBOS ( )
    Lloyds TSB ( )
  2. Which car companies shares have jumped 15% after the firm said it was in talks about possible “co-operations and alliances”?
    VW ( )
    BMW ( )
    Peugeot ( )
    Ford ( )
  3. Banks paid out £1.9bn in compensation in 2011 for the mis-selling of PPI, according to the Financial Services Authority (FSA), what is PPI?
    Protected payment insurance ( )
    Payment protection insurance ( )
    Personal payment insurance ( )
    Protected peoples insurance ( )
  4. Fashion retailer Peacocks has been sold, out of administration to Edinburgh Woollen Mill, saving 6,000 jobs, but how many jobs will still  be lost?
    2500 ( )
    3100 ( )
    2100 ( )
    1500l ( )
  5. Which bank has reported £2bn loss for2011, this week?
    Virgin Money ( )
    RBS ( )
    HSBC ( )
    Natwest ( )
  6. …And the same bank is due to pay out how much in bonuses to its investment bankers?
    £90m ( )
    £190m ( )
    £390m ( )
    £290m ( )
  7. Malaysian budget airline Air Asia has reported a 56% fall in fourth-quarter profit, they claim to have been hurt by what?
    Higher fuel prices ( )
    Holes in the wings of aircraft ( )
    Fewer passengers ( )
    Lower revenue ( )
  8. Greece is braced for large protests against further budget cuts, following a bailout deal aimed at avoiding bankruptcy, worth how much?
    100bn-euro ( )
    30bn-euro ( )
    10bn-euro ( )
    130bn-euro ( )
  9. Pinterest moves to address copyright fears this week, who are Pinterest?
    An online shop selling pins ( )
    A new tablet computer manufacture ( )
    Social networking service ( )
    A website for people who are interested in pins ( )
  10. File-sharing site The Pirate Bay has said that it will adapt rather than die as it faces legal blocks in the UK. On Monday the High Court ruled that the site facilitates, what?
    Internet dating ( )
    Data protection infringement ( )
    Copyright infringement ( )
    Sharing of bank details ( )
Donna Jestin
Teacher of Business Studies Notre Dame College & Senior Examiner for AQA

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