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Business News Quiz – 21.03.16

1) Chancellor George Osborne has unveiled a tax on the makers of what products to tackle childhood obesity? Chips Crisps Chocolate Soft drinks 2) The Office for Budget Responsibility (OBR) has changed its economic growth forecast (GDP) for 2016 from 2.4% to what rate? 2.5% 3% 2% 1.5% 3) Which tax… Read More

Business News Quiz – 17.03.16

1) Liliane Bettencourt has been named as the world’s wealthiest woman. Which global business is she the heir to? Real Madrid L’Oreal Walmart Holiday Inn 2) How many jobs does the British Retail Consortium forecast will be lost in the UK retail sector by 2025? 25,000 75,000 900,000 150,000… Read More

Business News Quiz – 16.02.16

1) Which supermarket has made a £1.3bn bid to buy Argos? Tesco Sainsbury ASDA Morrison’s 2) Which fast food chain has announced that hot dogs will be the newest addition to its menus in the US? KFC Burger King Pizza Hut McDonalds 3) Which retailer has announced that it is cutting between… Read More

Business News Quiz – 28.09.15

Users in the UK, Australia and Japan reported problems using which communications app this week, as they “detected an issue with the status settings”? Skype ( )             Messenger( )            Whatsapp   ( )          Snapchat ( )… Read More