How Snap Science can support you in delivering primary science

As you may be aware, Ofsted published a research review into high-quality science education. It has generated discussion between primary science educators, introduced some new terminology and stimulated reflection on current practice. Ofsted also draws upon its research review when it inspects schools. For all these reasons, it is important… Read More
Child reading aloud

Helping KS2 Children With Reading At Home

Literacy expert Gill Matthews, shares some simple, enjoyable ideas for how parents can support their child’s reading comprehension and development at home. You may find this helpful to share with your pupils’ parents or you can adapt the ideas for your home learning plan. Once your child is able to… Read More
Music Express

Activities for Key Stage 2 home music lessons

Do you want some lively key stage 2 music lesson ideas for your home-schooling timetable? Would you like fun activities which can be used at any time of the day to engage and refresh your child? Would you like to develop all-round skills which help enhance learning across other subjects? Read More

Homework to prepare for the SATs: KS2 Maths

To make sure pupils get the SATs practice they need, it makes sense to set homework that also involves parents/carers. Here are some things to consider. Set short, focused activities, following on from work in school While children need practice in tackling a mixture of problems on different topics,… Read More

Spreading a musical virus

Karen Marshall, co-author of the Get Set! Piano series and How to Teach Instrumental and Singing Lessons – 100 Inspiring Ideas, shares her advice for encouraging children to teach themselves daily through musical games in the playground.  Spreading a musical virus Every Wednesday I work at a Primary school – teaching… Read More

Why non-fiction is as important as fiction

“If a child can and does read non-fiction texts, the world is their oyster – they can learn anything and everything they want to learn.” This statement was written by tes.com writer Aidan Severs in his article ‘Six reasons why primary schools need to embrace non-fiction’… Read More

Preparing for SATs

This May, thousands of Year 2 and Year 6 children will sit their SATs and your child may be one of them. KS1 children may be unaware they are taking tests but at KS2 teachers will spend quite a lot of time preparing children for them at school. Many children will care that they do well in these tests and will do want to do their best. Read More


Investigations are more common to our work in science but they can prove invaluable in maths in helping pupils to understand mathematical reasoning. In these activities the pupils are presented with puzzles to solve and in doing so they will gain greater understanding of some key concepts. Activity One –… Read More

Healthy New Year

New Year is a time for resolutions, one of the main ones for adults being to get fitter but this kind of resolution is also important for children and in this set of activities, the pupils are encouraged to look at their lifestyles and see how they can be changed… Read More

Black History Month

Many people believe that if racism didn’t exist then we wouldn’t need to celebrate Black History Month because all the achievements of these people would be recognised alongside those of their white counterparts. In studying their achievements, we must recognise that their fame was earned in spite of prejudice and,… Read More