Business News Quiz – 03.05.12

Test your students’ knowledge of what is happening in the business world with this week’s news quiz.

Download the Word version (with answers and weblinks) here.

  1. Annual profits at Home Retail Group (HRG) have dropped how much after profits at its Argos chain were hit by weak demand for electrical goods?
    30% ( )
    40% ( )
    60% ( )
    50% ( )
  2. Total sales at Next rose 1.4% for the 13 weeks to 28 April, what are they saying is the reason for the increase?
    The weather ( )
    The economy ( )
    New store openings ( )
    Online directory shopping ( )
  3. The UK economy slipped back into recession last week, which other European city also entered recession again after their economy shrank 0.3%?
    France ( )
    Spain ( )
    Germany ( )
    Holland ( )
  4. Renault-Nissan to take control of Lada-owner Avtovaz, what sort of takeover is this?
    Horizontal ( )
    Vertical ( )
    Conglomerate ( )
    Organic ( )
  5. Which airline is to cut 3,500 jobs as it seeks to cut its administrative costs by a quarter?
    Iberia ( )
    Virgin America ( )
    Lufthansa ( )
    BMI ( )
  6. Which supermarkets like-for-like sales, which ignore new store openings, fell 1% in the 3 months to the end of April?
    Morrison’s( )
    Tesco( )
    ASDA ( )
    Sainsbury( )
  7. Who has been granted an injunction against the distribution of key Microsoft products in Germany?The sales ban covers the Xbox 360 games console, Windows 7 system software, Internet Explorer and Windows Media Player?
    Nokia ( )
    Samsung ( )
    Apple ( )
    Motorola Mobility ( )
  8. Who was fired from The Apprentice last night, saying that he thinks the other contestants saw him as a ‘threat’
    Azhar Siddique ( )
    Tom Gearing ( )
    Adam Corbally ( )
    Ricky Martin ( )
  9. Samsung will put the rumours and alleged leaks about its next product to rest when it unveils what in London later today?
    TV ( )
    Galaxy phone ( )
    Tablet computer ( )
    Laptop ( )
  10. NHS and WHO have joined forces in an attempt to increase the number of organs being donated?
    MySpace ( )
    Tesco ( )
    Facebook ( )
    Local councils ( )
Donna Jestin
Teacher of Business Studies Notre Dame College & Senior Examiner for AQA

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