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Business News Quiz – 10.05.12

Test your students’ knowledge of what is happening in the business world with this week’s news quiz.

Download the Word version (with answers and weblinks) here.

  1. Driver-less cars will soon be a reality on the roads of Nevada after the state approved America’s first self-driven vehicle licence, which company has come up with this innovation?
    Google ( )
    Microsoft ( )
    Apple ( )
    Ford ( )
  • Leading bureaux de change are selling euros at the highest rate to the pound in three and a half years. What rate is it?
    1.50e( )
    1.40e ( )
    1.20e( )
    1.30e( )
  • US firm General Electric, Dutch company Philips and UK-based Sylvania all showcased their products at the Light Fair industry conference in Las Vegas, an invention was a light-bulb that lasted how long?
    30 years ( )
    20 years ( )
    50 years ( )
    70 years ( )
  • Which troubled retailer has warned it expects its largest supplier to begin steps to place it into administration later this week?
    Focus DIY ( )
    T J Hughes ( )
    Clinton Cards ( )
    Thornton’s ( )
  • Telefonica is launching an app that allows smartphone users to make calls and send messages without using up their quota of call minutes or texts; this is seen as being a rival to Skype. What is it called?
    Hear Us ( )
    Ovum ( )
    Tu U ( )
    Tu Me ( )
  • Which of the ‘big four’ supermarkets will invest £1bn in its UK business this year in an attempt to revive its flagging domestic operation?
    Morrison’s ( )
    Tesco ( )
    ASDA ( )
    Sainsbury ( )
  • Which business has pledged to help protect the environment by reducing its carbon footprint? From July 1st 2012 its data centres, software development labs and office buildings would all be carbon neutral.
    Nokia ( )
    Yahoo( )
    Microsoft ( )
    Motorola Mobility ( )
  • Who was fired from ‘The Apprentice this week after a task where they had to convince urban artists to let them represent them in a gallery sale?
    Tom Gearing ( )
    Adam Corbally ( )
    Laura Hogg ( )
    Jade Nash ( )
  • Which supermarket group has reported an increase in sales and market share but a small dip in profits in what it described as a “good year”?
    Co-Op ( )
    Morrison’s ( )
    Waitrose ( )
    Sainsbury’s ( )
  • Which electronics firm reported a record net loss of 456.7bn yen ($5.7bn; £3.5bn) for the year to the end of March, compared with a 259.6bn yen loss last year?
    Samsung ( )
    Sony ( )
    Toshiba ( )
    Apple ( )
Donna Jestin
Teacher of Business Studies Notre Dame College & Senior Examiner for AQA


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