Business News Quiz – 26.02.14

Profits at Sina Corp, owner of which countries largest Twitter-like site Weibo, surged in the fourth quarter, boosted by a jump in advertising revenue?
China ( )    India ( )    France ( )     Russia ( )

Mothercare has been carrying out a restructuring plan in an attempt to stem losses at its UK business, including the closure of many stores. The CEO quit this week, who is he?
Tim Cook ( )     Terry Leahy ( )     Alan Parker ( )     Simon Calver ( )

Dixons Retail, the owner of Currys and PC World, and which mobile phone retailer has said they are in talks over a possible merger?
Phones Limited ( )      Direct Phone Shop ( )         Phones4U ( )         Carphone Warehouse ( )

Who has agreed a deal with Comcast, the biggest internet service provider in the US, that will see its videos streamed faster and more smoothly?
Virgin Media ( )     Sky ( )      Netflix  ( )         Lovefilm ( )

Last week Pound World, the UK’s third-biggest pound shop chain, joined forces with Poundland founder Steve Smith to launch, a website offering the pound shop experience on the web. What is it called? ( ) ( ) ( ) ( )

Sales of Cuba’s famous cigars jumped 8% in 2013, helped by strong demand from the island’s smokers and which other country?
UK ( )     Germany ( )     Russia ( )     China ( )

Who has bought messaging app WhatsApp in a deal worth a total of $19bn (£11.4bn) in cash and shares?  
Google ( )     Facebook ( )    Apple ( )     LG ( )

Who has unveiled its first family of Android phones at the Mobile World Conference in Barcelona? The X, X+ and XL will range in price from 89 euros (£74) to 109 euros.
Nokia ( )     Blackberry ( )         Moto ( )    Bank ( )

Which bank has reported a 9% rise in profit for last year, boosted by cost cuts as it restructured the business?
Santander ( )         HSBC ( )    Natwest ( )     Barclays ( )

Who has shown off a prototype for a $25 (£15) smartphone that is aimed at the developing world?
Sony ( )     Microsoft ( )          Mozilla ( )         Apple ( )

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