Business News Quiz – 19.03.12

Here is this week’s Business News Quiz! You can print off a Word version (with answers and weblinks) and use it with your classes.

You can download the Word file here.

  1. The UK’s largest chain of bakeries, Greggs, said profits and sales rose in 2011 as it opened 84 new stores, where are they now planning to open stores?
    In school & colleges ( )
    At motorway service stations ( )
    In Europe ( )
    In the USA ( )
  2. Profits at which airline have plunged 61% from a year earlier, as global economic uncertainty hit demand for passenger travel and cargo shipments?
    Cathay Pacific ( )
    British Airways ( )
    Iberia ( )
    Air New Zealand ( )
  3. A computer glitch saw the new Apple iPad go up for sale for £49.99 on which company’s website?
    ASDA( )
    Argos( )
    Amazon( )
    Tesco( )
  4. After 244 years reference book firm Encyclopaedia Britannica has decided to stop publishing its famous and weighty 32-volume print edition.It will now focus on digital expansion, who is the main online competition for this company?
    Yahoo ( )
    Ask Jeeves ( )
    Wikipedia ( )
    Google ( )
  5. Fashion retailer has said it is reviewing its UK store operations after reporting a sharp fall in profits.Pre-tax profits fell to £5m for the year to 31 January from £8.9m the previous year, as losses widened at its flagship UK stores?
    Topshop ( )
    French Connection ( )
    Primark ( )
    Zara ( )
  6. Samsung has started the process of updating its Galaxy S2 smartphones with the latest version of Android, what is this called?
    BLT ( )
    Strawberry cheesecake ( )
    Raspberry ripple ( )
    Ice Cream Sandwich ( )
  7. UK unemployment rose by how much to 2.67 million during the three months to January, according to figures from the Office for National Statistics (ONS)?
    28 000 ( )
    30 000 ( )
    35 000 ( )
    38 000 ( )
  8. Which catalogue company says sales fell 7.7% in its latest trading update?
    Argos ( )
    Tesco direct ( )
    Littlewoods ( )
    Simply be ( )
  9. The boss of Tesco’s UK operation, is stepping down.His departure, after only a year in the job, follows a disappointing Christmas sales period, a fall in market share and a profit warning in January. Who is he?
    Phillip Green ( )
    Richard Brasher ( )
    Terry Leahy ( )
    Phillip Clarke ( )
  10. Who has won the contract to provide Wi-Fi to the London Underground?
    Virgin Media ( )
    02 ( )
    BT ( )
    Sky ( )

Donna Jestin
Teacher of Business Studies Notre Dame College & Senior Examiner for AQA

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